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Karba Pro

If you are inclined to fix things around the house, office or on the go, then you will find great value in a multifunction tool like the Karba Pro Multitool.

The convenience of having an arsenal of functioning tools which fit into your pocket turns a multitool carrier into a perfect handy person.

FUNCTIONS: The diversity of functions is what defines the perfect multitool. It's not how many individual tools the multitool has. It's the design and usability of those tools. Several well designed tools are more valuable than many poor designed tools.


Multifunction tools like the Karba Pro Multitool integrate the individual tools into a tried-and-true plier format. The pliers and wire cutters are always handy. The sharp blade and bit drivers (phillips screwdriver and small, medium and large flat screwdrivers) are an absolute necessity. A bottle and can opener are a bonus. A good woodsaw is helpful.

Now each user of the multitool will have his or her own preferences when it relates to the individual tools. Personally, I use the pliers, wire cutters, phillips screwdriver and the sharp blade more often than the other tools.

PORTABILITY: A tool is only as useful as its availability. Will it be at your fingertips when you need it? The Karba Pro Multitool is easily attached to your belt with a belt pouch. There is no looking for tools in the tool shed. Just reach for Karba Pro Multitool and you have several individual tools at your service.

Multitool in Pliers

CONSTRUCTION QUALITY: Karba Pro Multitool is constructed of high grade stainless steel for head pliers, tools and sharp knife.

The sturdy and intelligent manufacturing of hinges and locking mechanisms stand out in Karba Pro Multitool.

Personally, I judge a tool subjectively. It must feel sturdy in the hand as I use the individual tools. Also, I am prone to the aesthetics. In other words, the multitool must look and feel good.

Multifunction Tool

ERGONOMICS: Karba Pro Multitool is built on the tried-and-true plier format. In other words, the Karba Pro Multitool is a set of pliers with other tools built into the handle.

In order to use the pliers and wire cutters at their most proficient, the other tools will need to be folded back into the handles (see image above). When using the other tools, you will need to close the pliers (see image below).

Karba Pro Multifunction Tool
Karba Pro Multifunction Tool

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